The Process

Full Design Consultation

The initial meeting/consultation is free

Once you have confirmed that you wish to proceed, we will confirm the type of design/extension and visual effect that you are interested in, making sure that the extra space we are going to create is going to fully meet your needs.

Finalise budgets that we wish to work with on the new project


At our second meeting I will have produced 3d visuals -to show what the new design will look like on your property -these where require will demonstrate room layouts. You will be able to view the property from both the outside and internally as well.

At this stage we can make any changes you feel you would like –layout-colour etc.

Once we have settled on the final design I will produce dimensional drawing which will enable you to take the steps you wish to go forward with; at this stage my part of the process has finished and ask that my account, that we will have agreed early on in the meetings, is settled and I will release all the drawings you require.

I will guide you as to direction you need to follow reference planning and building work -I will where possible introduce to a building company but you should also get at least a second quote for the work that will be required.

I will always be available to help in the future as it is in both our interest that the project is completed to your satisfaction.